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  • Art. Musica

    Why (Good) Wine Makes Life Longer

    Drinking half a glass of wine every day can extend your life by about five years. Dutch research ... continue reading.

    by Giuseppe De Luca on December 12.20199

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  • Art. Natura

    A new life quality!

    We are a very strange society. We poison the world to get everything right now and, at the same time, we want only totally natural things on our tables... read more.

    by Giuseppe De Luca on December 12.20199

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  • presentiamo una cantina

    The historical winery of Cardedu.

    Perda Rubia was born in 1949 from an idea of comm. Mario Mereu who, among the first in Sardinia, understood the potential of the traditional Cannonau vine, cultivated in the territory of Ogliastra since ancient times...Read more.

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