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Jermann Vintage Tunina 2019 IGT

Vintage Tunina from Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes, with Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia and Picolit added.

The grapes are harvested about 2 weeks after the normal harvest with a yield between 40 and 60 quintals per hectare. Part of the wine is aged in casks.

 Vintage Tunina was ranked among the top 3 best Italian white wines at the Italian Sommelier Association's Oscar del Vino.

It has a brilliant straw colour with golden highlights.

The nose opens with a broad and intense bouquet, with elegant hints of honey, enriched by pleasant floral scents.

Sipping it, one perceives softness and harmony.

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Tal Luc - Lis Neris

The Tal Luc Passito wine from Lis Neris comes from vineyards on the estate that are over 25 years old. 

The plots are situated on a gravelly plateau of calcareous matrix, characterised by poor and very draining soils, which naturally limit the yields. At the end of the harvesting operations, the most beautiful, healthy and ripe bunches of grapes are left to dry for a period of 120/130 days in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, so as to favour the slow dehydration and concentration of sugars and aromas.

The grapes are pressed very softly and the dense, rich must is fermented in French oak barriques.

The wine matures, again in barriques, and completes its ageing with a long period in bottles before release.

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Cabochon DoppioZero Brut Nature 2016 Monte Rossa in a case

Cabochon Doppiozero Brut Nature, born from a production of only 3000 bottles, for a label of extreme class. It presents itself to the glass with a slightly golden yellow colour with greenish reflections.

It seduces the nose with a broad bouquet marked by sweet floral hints of jasmine, chamomile and bergamot that blend well with fruity nuances of peach tobacco.

It makes its entrance on the palate with impetuousness and a decisive crispness, a persistent sip with a citrusy-floe-like return. 

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