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Rare Cask Rum Don Papa in a case

A brand new product in  the Don Papa familythe Rare Cask is a limited edition of the famous Filipino rum distilled directly on the island of Negros. This rare numbered rum, is aged for several years in smokes barrels  and then in carefully selected oak casks. This double ageing process  gives it a complexity of flavours that leads to the production of a limited number of bottles, only 6,000, each of them  numbered and signed by the master distiller.

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Sherry Casks Rum Don Papa in case

Sherry Cask Finish Don Papa is the youngest among  the famous  distilleries in the Philippines. The colour is  intense amber, with mahogany highlights. You can smell  sultanas, toasted wood and wine.  In your mouth the taste is  pleasant, velvety, delicate, with notes of plum, chocolate and ripe figs. The result is a very persistent taste.

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Don Papa 10 Anni Rum in a case

Don Papa 10 Years Rum is a very rich and concentrated distillate, aged in toasted barrels in the tropical climate of the Philippines.

On the palate, you'll notice the lightness and delicacy typical of Don Papa rum, with distinct notes of vanilla, red berry liquorice and bitter cocoa. The result is a rum that envelops you with its sweetness and the wealth of suggestions evoked.

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Don Papa Port Cask 70 cl

The limited edition Rum Don Papa Port Cask, distilled in Negros Island, Philippines. It was created to commemorate the great feat that the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan did 500 years ago: in 1521 he completed the circumnavigation of the globe with his fleet.

With its sweet notes provided by the molasses known as 'black gold', it is aged for a total of 7 years, of which, 2 years in American wood casks that have contained Bourbon Whisky giving intense spicy and vanilla notes and 5 years in Port wine casks. The end result is a new, velvety and complex Rum.

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Rhum J.M 2004 Vieux Agricole Millesime

J.M. VSOP Rum Vieux Agricole comes from the processing of pure juice obtained from sugar cane. The plants from which it is extracted are strictly estate grown in Martinique's tropical climate, in particularly rich and fertile soils.

The juice destined for fermentation is extracted within an hour of cutting, avoiding the onset of oxidative phenomena. Distillation is carried out using two traditional Creole continuous column stills.

The Rum obtained at the end of the process is transferred into barrels containing Bourbon for three years, and after this period, further maturation in new American oak casks for at least 15 years follows.

A complex production process, which finally ends with bottling and marketing.

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Rum Demerara 10 Years Moon Import Collection with a Case

Demerara 10 Years Collection Rum comes from original casks, aged in Scotland, individually selected and bottled in the same place, as Scotland is the region of the world where maturation is the best and most regular compared to all other countries.

The colour is determined by the length of ageing in oak casks, but also by the product contained by the cask in its previous use.

If, for example, the barrel has contained sherry for some time, the rum will absorb its tannins and have a darker colour than if the barrel had previously contained another distillate. The experience and skill of the Scots in the art of whisky ageing is crucial in enhancing the characteristics of a great rum.

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Jamaica Rum 2012 Moon Import Pappagalli Collection astucciato

Jamaica Pappagalli Rum comes from the Monymusk Distillery in Jamaica, one of the island's oldest distilleries, which, with its own sugar cane plantations, distils rums that it sells to third parties, with the exception of some that it sells under its own label.

Distillation takes place in small Still copper pot stills with double distillation, in accordance with Jamaican tradition. Jamaican rums are made from a unique blend of molasses and sugar cane juice, with varying amounts of 'dunders' (sun-dried residues of the distillation process) added. These two customs typical of the area make the aromatic uniqueness of these rums.

The rum is then selected by Moon Import and matured in Scotland in original barrels and bottled locally.

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Frapin Cognac Grande Champagne 1270 in a case

Frapin 1270 is aged in the Maison's 100-year-old cellars. The warm golden hues give it a beautiful straw yellow colour that testifies to its passage in new Limousin-type oak barrels.

On the nose, its aromas of vine flowers and lime with a touch of melted vanilla, due to ageing in Limousin barrels, testify to a great aromatic richness, characteristic of a great cognac. In the mouth, it presents a beautiful roundness, richness and balance.

Its length in the mouth is due to a special distillation on fine lees with slightly vanilla or toasted aromas. It will bring a note of freshness and originality.

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Don Papa Rum Sevillana Cask Finish Rum 70 cL in a Case

The latest limited edition of Don Papa is a blend of 4 to 12 year old rums distilled from sugar cane from the island of Negros.

The first part of the ageing takes place in American oak casks followed by a 3-year period in two different types of Spanish casks: Oloroso sherry casks and Andalusian Vino De Naranja casks.

This wonderful mix of barrels was inspired by the historic trade route between Spain, Manila and Acapulco in the 18th century: the so-called 'Manila Galleon'.

The Sevillana Cask Finish is presented in a refined Rococo-inspired design that reflects aspects of the island's Spanish heritage.

It is a representation of the landscape and the irreverence of the story of Papa Isio, the revolutionary hero who inspired the name Don Papa.

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Rhum Don Papa Gayuma cL.70 With Case

Don Papa Gayuma is a Rum that pays homage to the mystical rituals performed by Filipino shamans under Mount Kanlaon by harnessing the power of both the spiritual and material worlds.

Gayuma, meaning 'love potion', was created just like the ancient drink used in these folk rituals from which it draws its inspiration.

Don Papa Gayuma is a limited edition Rum distilled and aged on Sugarland Island before being delicately smoked.

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