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Rare Cask Rum Don Papa in a case

A brand new product in  the Don Papa familythe Rare Cask is a limited edition of the famous Filipino rum distilled directly on the island of Negros. This rare numbered rum, is aged for several years in smokes barrels  and then in carefully selected oak casks. This double ageing process  gives it a complexity of flavours that leads to the production of a limited number of bottles, only 6,000, each of them  numbered and signed by the master distiller.

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Sherry Casks Rum Don Papa in case

Sherry Cask Finish Don Papa is the youngest among  the famous  distilleries in the Philippines. The colour is  intense amber, with mahogany highlights. You can smell  sultanas, toasted wood and wine.  In your mouth the taste is  pleasant, velvety, delicate, with notes of plum, chocolate and ripe figs. The result is a very persistent taste.

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Don Papa 10 Anni Rum in a case

Don Papa 10 Years Rum is a very rich and concentrated distillate, aged in toasted barrels in the tropical climate of the Philippines.

On the palate, you'll notice the lightness and delicacy typical of Don Papa rum, with distinct notes of vanilla, red berry liquorice and bitter cocoa. The result is a rum that envelops you with its sweetness and the wealth of suggestions evoked.

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