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Cognac Grande Champagne Cristallo Extra Réserve Frapin in a Case

Cognac Grande Champagne Cristal Extra Réserve Frapin. Born from the family's ancestral reserve exclusively harvested, distilled and aged in barrels kept by Pierre Frapin and his descendants.

Colour: mahogany, leather highlights.

Nose: very sweet, complex, reminiscent of old port mixed with the scent of wooden cigar boxes, typical of old Grande Champagne, some 40 or 50 years old.

Concentrated aromas.

Palate: exceptional length, where flavours blend with subtlety and complexity.

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Frapin Cognac Grande Champagne 1270 in a case

Frapin 1270 is aged in the Maison's 100-year-old cellars. The warm golden hues give it a beautiful straw yellow colour that testifies to its passage in new Limousin-type oak barrels.

On the nose, its aromas of vine flowers and lime with a touch of melted vanilla, due to ageing in Limousin barrels, testify to a great aromatic richness, characteristic of a great cognac. In the mouth, it presents a beautiful roundness, richness and balance.

Its length in the mouth is due to a special distillation on fine lees with slightly vanilla or toasted aromas. It will bring a note of freshness and originality.

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