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Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Emidio Pepe 2018

Emidio Pepe's Trebbiano d'Abruzzo is a small oenological gem that exhibits variety and breadth, qualities that make this wine a unique example of biodynamic viticulture. The land at the foot of the Gran Sasso is something special: the significant temperature range between day and night stresses the grapes enough to make them release intense and unique aromas, and the proximity to the Adriatic Sea brings that mineral and savoury tone making the drinking experience satisfying and memorable. Scents, salinity and freshness are the three main characteristics of Emidio Pepe's Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, who wanted and was able to transfer biodynamic agriculture to his vineyards, combining the experience of the great producer that he is with modern production techniques.

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Vigneti delle Dolomiti Sauvignon Blanc IGT "Vette di San Leonardo" 2021

Vette owes its name to the imposing peaks that frame the vineyards from which it is made, a Sauvignon Blanc of great freshness and minerality.

It is, in fact, made from pure Sauvignon Blanc grapes, harvested solely by hand in September. The vinification is carried out in white with crushing and destemming of the grapes, followed by a short cold preventive maceration.

The nose presents aromas of green pepper, white peach and sage.

The Savignon "Vette" Tenuta San Leonardo is a luminous white wine, capable of giving all the richness of Sauvignon in a savoury and pleasant drink. Fresh and fragrant, it goes well with light dishes with versatility and is pleasant and intriguing as an aperitif.

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Il Tufiello – Sancho Panza 2017

Sancho Panza Il Tufiello is made from pure Fiano grapes, selected from plants located at 800 metres above sea level on a dry soil, treated only with copper and sulphur. After manual harvesting, the bunches are transported to the cellar for destemming and crushing and the start of alcoholic fermentation, which takes place spontaneously with maceration on the skins for about two months.

The liquid refines for a few months in steel before bottling, which takes place without filtering.

The Fiano Sancho Panza is presented in the glass with a golden yellow dress.

The nose is kaleidoscopic, with successive hints of lemon peel, chestnuts and broom, followed by a clear smoky return. Fineness and complexity, which we find again in an even more exciting taste.

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Montemattina Il Tufiello 2016

Tufiello Montemattina is produced from selected grapes harvested by hand. The bunches of grapes are pressed and destemmed and fermented spontaneously in stainless steel containers for a few weeks with maceration on the skins lasting more than 2 months. 

At the end, the wine, separated from the skins, is aged for at least 12 months in stainless steel tanks before being bottled without filtration or clarification. 

Montemattina has a luminous orange colour with golden flashes. 

On the nose, intense aromas of candied citrus fruit and dried fruit, including toasted hazelnut, notes of white and yellow flowers and wild herbs and hints of honey. In the mouth it is rich, dense and full, characterised by a vibrant savoury and slightly tannic finish. 

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Fiano 'Don Chisciotte' Pierluigi Zampaglione 2018

Don Chisciotte Zampaglione is made from Fiano grapes, from vineyards cultivated at an altitude of about 800 metres on clay and volcanic soils. Healthy grapes, only copper and sulphur are used in the vineyard, which are harvested when fully ripe.

After destemming and crushing the bunches, spontaneous fermentation starts in steel containers, with maceration on the skins for about 10 days. The liquid matures a few months in steel before bottling. The Don Chisciotte fills the glass with its golden robe.

From the first smell, it alternates notes such as lime zest, chestnut and white flowers with hints of flint. 

It is a wine that plays on finesse and flavour, giving it depth without weighing it down. It is very agile thanks to its refined saline texture.

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Soave Classico DOC “Calvarino” 2015 - Pieropan

Pieropan's Soave Classico Calvarino is obtained from the Calvarino vineyard, located in the heart of the Soave Classico zone, and is the oldest family estate, purchased in the early 1900s.

The name Calvarino derives from "little calvary", due to the difficulty of working the land and the tortuous path necessary to reach it. The most characteristic of Leonildo Pieropan's Soave wines comes from this splendid and complicated territory, with its marked varietal notes and distinctive freshness and minerality.

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Malvasia delle Lipari Tenuta di Castellaro 2017 - 37.5cl

Malvasia delle Lipari Tenuta di Castellaro originates in the splendid territory of Lipari, a small island in the Aeolian archipelago.

The vines, grown using the alberello system, are planted on volcanic soil rich in sand, pumice, obsidian and numerous mineral substances. The warm, breezy Mediterranean climate is mitigated by sea breezes, which allow the grapes to ripen perfectly. 

After harvesting, the best grapes are dried in the sun for a couple of weeks before pressing and slow fermentation with indigenous yeasts in oak barrels, which is completed after a few months. The wine matures for about a year in barrels and then refines for a further 12 months in bottles before release.

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Vie di Romans Friuli Isonzo Flors di Uis 2017

The Friuli Isonzo Bianco DOC Flors di Uis di Vie di Romans is a stupendous and well-chosen blend of Malvasia, Riesling and Friulano, capable of delighting the palate and the mind: full, fragrant, juicy and tasty. Passion fruit, mango, floral notes, sweet spices, vanilla nuances: all the scents almost seem to come to life in the glass and reach the nose, literally satisfying it.

On tasting, the wine continues to be very expressive, with a predominance of the floral over the other flavours.

It is deep, vivid and structured.

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Fernando de Castilla Sherry PX Pedro Ximenez

Pedro Ximenez Sherry is characterised by its greater body and more intense aromas of cooked fruits and jams. This makes it the dessert Sherry par excellence. Robust and structured, Fernando de Castilla's PX is an excellent expression of this complex wine.

Sweet but never cloying, it appeals for its fruity flavours and long, smooth vanilla note. An excellent product.

Very dark mahogany in colour, the nose is elegant and complex with fruity notes, hints of cocoa and coffee, vanilla and nuts. In the mouth the flavours are of ripe fruit and reminiscent of sultanas, returning to vanilla and coffee which are dominant.

The finish is wonderfully long and sweet without ever being cloying.

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Tal Luc - Lis Neris

The Tal Luc Passito wine from Lis Neris comes from vineyards on the estate that are over 25 years old. 

The plots are situated on a gravelly plateau of calcareous matrix, characterised by poor and very draining soils, which naturally limit the yields. At the end of the harvesting operations, the most beautiful, healthy and ripe bunches of grapes are left to dry for a period of 120/130 days in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, so as to favour the slow dehydration and concentration of sugars and aromas.

The grapes are pressed very softly and the dense, rich must is fermented in French oak barriques.

The wine matures, again in barriques, and completes its ageing with a long period in bottles before release.

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