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It is one of the most famous wineries of Umbria, a real and proper enological monument of Montefalco. It was founded in 1971 by Arnaldo Caprai, a successful textile entrepreneur with the dream of changing his life and producing wine, realizing the great potentialities of a grape variety which was unknown at that time to the general public, Sagrantino. It will be his son Marco, starting from 1988, to involve great personalities and professionals of the sector in order to give the best value to this autochthonous vine and to make Caprai's winery the flagship and the undisputed protagonist of its land. The great vintage of 1993 represents the apex of all the work and efforts of Marco, making him enter the Olympus of the greatest Italian producers. Today Arnaldo Caprai winery and Sagrantino di Montefalco can be said to be synonymous. Thanks to the great popularity reached all over the world, many producers have followed the example of this important reality and Sagrantino has rightfully entered the podium of the greatest red wines of Italy. This winery has proven how an ambitious dream could be transformed, thanks to the deep connection with the history and the particularities of the territory, in bottles of very high value, which also include expressions of Montefalco Rosso and Grechetto. All Caprai wines are produced in a modern and functional underground cellar, completely renovated in 1997. Here there are steel tanks for fermentation and many oak casks for aging: 2,000 French barriques from Allier, Nievre and Vosges and 15 large Slavonian oak casks. The goal of this work is the same as thirty years ago: to focus on the great richness of Montefalco's tradition, recovering it in a modern way. Technology, expertise, experimentation and innovation contribute together to the creation of powerful, full bodied and long-lived red wines having a great personality. The many awards obtained make this winery a real and proper symbol of excellence of the Umbrian territory, a milestone in the discovery of a grape capable of exciting like few others, that Sagrantino accompanied to very high qualitative levels. 

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